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Sophia children‘s charity Bulgaria
quote1 In September 2010 we were established as a Bulgarian non‑government organisation which was setup to help disadvantaged children with special needs in Bulgaria.  Since 2010 we have worked with many organisations and families to help provide a better quality of life for children living in the Bulgarian institutions and at home with their families.  Our organisation is funded by donations and money raised through our various fundraising events.quote1

We are now working with the new group homes in Bulgaria.  The homes have been setup by the Bulgarian government as part of the ongoing de‑institutionalisation program.  Through our organisation we have helped the group homes to purchase specialist equipment and arrange specialist rehabilitation services for the children.

As an organisation we are very open for requests to help any young person.  We are always open for volunteers who wish to help us raise money and organise events.  If you or your organisation would like to get involved and help us to make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged children with special needs in Bulgaria then please contact us.